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Public Speaking

Mark speaks at Universities, association meetings, chambers, rehabs, business groups, and trade shows globally

Typical topics include:

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The decision to seek help from a mentor is serious stuff which includes a dose of vulnerability, discussion and hard decisions. You’re dealing with your career, your source of income, your personal life and the possibility for paths ahead.

I know the difficulty because I lived it. I started as an inside sales rep and became a business owner. I married a great woman, and we raised five daughters, and weathered a move from Philadelphia to Seattle. Add to that, a travel load that encompassed four continents and forty eight states in the USA. A huge part of my success includes an ease of conversation and humor combined with experience and a realistic look at some paths ahead.

As I read in an article, “[A mentor should] help you advance within your field and connect you with opportunities that you might not have otherwise had access to. They do this by sharing their knowledge, and helping you identify opportunities in your path.”

please don't hesitate to reach me

 I welcome your call if you are in need of some advice or guidance.

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